7 Best Game Soundtracks You Should Listen to Even When Not Playing

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt






Persona 5






Rule of Rose

Music written by super-skilled composers specifically for computer and video games is capable of impressing just as much as the world’s chart hits. Soundplaylist selections can be melodic and calm, aggressive, and dancing, with or without vocals – everyone can find something they like. Here are 15 game soundplaylist selections that are worth listening to, not only while playing games but also while jogging, cleaning your room, placing a mobile bet Uganda, getting more energy while completing work tasks.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3 is one of today’s finest games, both in terms of the combination of components and their individual level of execution. It’s easy to imagine the love and attention to detail with which the game was created by its stunning soundtrack. It seamlessly blends folk music and battle hymns, and the overall sound has Slavic motifs underlined by spiritual chants.


The games of a small Californian studio ascribed as Supergiant Games are famous first of all for their outstanding art design and music – the picture and the sound perfectly match each other. Darren Korb’s compositions themselves are so gorgeous that they are a must-listen for every indie music fan, and Ashley Barrett’s powerful and poignant vocals seem capable of touching anyone.

Transistor has a somewhat futuristic, cyberpunk sound, which is due to the game’s setting. Also worth checking out are the Bastion and Pyre soundplaylist selections from the same creative duo – they’re closer to country and ballads.


The soundplaylist selections from the Dendy era games were not included in this selection because of their special chiptune sound that prevents you from perceiving them as separate works. But Undertale, a modern, retro-inspired game, is worth making an exception.

Indie composer and part-time developer Toby Fox have written several playlist selections with an irrepressible energy that’s not embarrassing to listen to on repeat or even turn on at a party. The “video game sound” makes these compositions brighter and more interesting. Special attention should be paid to the playlist selection Megalovania, which has become an important part of the gamer’s pop culture.

Persona 5

Persona 5 is an extremely loud and stylish game that turns the monotonous gameplay into a dizzying show: the heroes seem to defeat their enemies not with their attacks, but with coolness alone. Even out of context, the soundplaylist selection perfectly conveys the ubiquitous sense of superiority and style: it makes you want to rock the shake a leg floor and look down on your problems. Life Will Change, Last Surprise, and the fight theme of taking Over are especially successful.


Australian composer and sound designer Mick Gordon managed to create the only suitable music for the new part of the main shooter about a lone infantryman slaying hordes of demons. The 2016 DOOM soundplaylist selection is two hours of an evil mix of metal, synths, and EDM, all while being gorgeous and melodic.


Cuphead is loved by gamers for two qualities. First, the teeth-grinding complexity, which does not forgive the slightest mistakes. Second, the meticulous stylization for the aesthetics of cartoons in the early XX century. The idea corresponds not only to the visual component, but also the soundtrack: the compositions of Christopher Madigan recreate the sound of jazz orchestral early 30’s. This music was played in the cartoons of Fleischer Studios and the first Disney works – it seems like the developers licensed old compositions instead of writing them from scratch.

Rule of Rose

The soundtrack can be described as “twisted beauty.” Using instruments like violin and piano, the super-skilled composer Yutaka Minobe has assembled complex pieces that recall the Grimm brothers’ fairy tales and Tim Burton movies, while also evoking an uncomfortable sense of haunting. It’s a frightening and depressing but memorable work.


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