ALBUM: Brotha Lynch Hung – Snuff Tapes Zip

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Brotha Lynch Hung has release a posthumous package titled Snuff Tapes It was arguably the Hip-Hop/Rap event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, Snuff Tapes album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 23 tracks listings.

Brotha Lynch Hungs Snuff Tapes has its share of impressive moments from ℗ 2008

Artist(s):Brotha Lynch Hung
Album:Snuff Tapes
Sample Rates:44100
Bit Rate:190 KBit/s
Record Label:℗ 2008
File Type:Album-zip*Audio/mpeg
Tags: Brotha , Lynch , Hung , Snuff , Tapes ,

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Brotha Lynch Hung returns with a new album “Snuff Tapes and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Brotha Lynch Hung - Intro
  2. Brotha Lynch Hung - Frontline
  3. Brotha Lynch Hung - I Don't Give a Fucc
  4. Brotha Lynch Hung - Runaway Love
  5. Brotha Lynch Hung - Gunz Blazin
  6. Brotha Lynch Hung - Candi
  7. Brotha Lynch Hung - Out My Way
  8. Brotha Lynch Hung - Baby Girl
  9. Brotha Lynch Hung - Valley Is Active
  10. Brotha Lynch Hung - Baylyfe
  11. Brotha Lynch Hung - Huslin
  12. Brotha Lynch Hung - Ordinary Thugs
  13. Brotha Lynch Hung - Easy 2 Shoot
  14. Brotha Lynch Hung - Kicc Push
  15. Brotha Lynch Hung - Itís a Wrap
  16. Brotha Lynch Hung - Goodbye
  17. Brotha Lynch Hung - Ready or Not
  18. Brotha Lynch Hung - Parlay
  19. Brotha Lynch Hung - No DJ
  20. Brotha Lynch Hung - Boom
  21. Brotha Lynch Hung - Don't Cry
  22. Brotha Lynch Hung - The Jaccel
  23. Brotha Lynch Hung - Gonna Trip Tonight

Public Reviews for Brotha Lynch Hung – Snuff Tapes From Itunes:


Damn.....................seen it years ago at tha stow.................jus chect it out.................really thought he was gonna b talkin bout snuff porn ish...........or suntin...............not at all what i xpected................damn. By hastylevizian

F the haters, Brotha Lynch HUNG brings the heat once again

I don't care what anyone else says about this disc, this is steady rotation in my lineup 24/7. BLH can do no wrong and he's making sure to surround himself with other greats. His new album is harder than ever. By nwkultra

Not the Past

In the past, Brotha Lynch brought the horrorcore movement up through the ranks. And now - now i listen to him become like every other rapper, talkin' about his money and his women and how hard life is. Well, Lynch, get out the chainsaw and put a little bad in a glad bag with your brotha Sicx. What happened to "The Babykiller" anyhow?

Maybe people think they help things out by saying "buy it," but this isn't the Siccness. This is just a shadow of what we used to love. By retardsincorporated

Snuff Tapes

The album was tight but not an original Lynch Big hitter. And no Lynch aint dead he was in denver at the paladium live in concert just a year and half ago. I was there!!! By Lil J-Reed


i read all the reviews.... what they forgot to leave out is that lynch is only on a handful of songs, and only a couple are just him... lynch needs to drop a solo joint with no appearances by any of his click. i think we all got to see the best of lynch back in 92'-97', his glory days are looooong gone...... and its such a pity. By mrgzus

Reppin the West Coast.....

Lynch be killin it better then the orignal artists of the beats. Everyone needs to get this CD. Lynch neeeds to come to concert in Denver Colorado. Holla D-Town. By Colorados_finest

Where the beats

There are all mixtape beats. B lynch is by far one of the most talented rappers out there lyricaly and this is just plain depressing. Cop season of da siccness and let it blow your mind. By SACSKIM

great mixtape

it has some new sounds and artits

his music can be for anybody because if u like horror movies or hate life or ect.

then you'll feel this By Strothers

another one of the best

I just bought it, Its a great album, If you like his past albums you will like this one... By davidg1203

Fo Sho

Lynch is back and really did kill this album. Def Buy. o yea and u must not be the fan because brotha lynch is still alive and well up in Sacc Town. By im a D-boi





  1. ALBUM: Brotha Lynch Hung – Snuff Tapes Zip

  2. Brotha Lynch Hung - I Don`t Give a Fucc

  3. Brotha Lynch Hung - Intro

  4. Brotha Lynch Hung - Frontline

  5. Brotha Lynch Hung - Huslin

  6. Brotha Lynch Hung - Ordinary Thugs

  7. Brotha Lynch Hung - Easy 2 Shoot