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Neil Young has release a posthumous package titled Peace Trail It was arguably the Rock event of a pandemic-blighted year.

By contrast, Peace Trail album arrives under very different circumstances on Wapbaze with 10 tracks listings.

Neil Youngs Peace Trail has its share of impressive moments from ℗ 2016 Reprise Records.

Artist(s):Neil Young
Album:Peace Trail
Sample Rates:44100
Bit Rate:190 KBit/s
Record Label:℗ 2016 Reprise Records
File Type:Album-zip*Audio/mpeg
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Neil Young returns with a new album “Peace Trail and we got it for you, download fast and feel the vibes.

  1. Neil Young - Peace Trail
  2. Neil Young - Can't Stop Workin'
  3. Neil Young - Indian Givers
  4. Neil Young - Show Me
  5. Neil Young - Texas Rangers
  6. Neil Young - Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders
  7. Neil Young - John Oaks
  8. Neil Young - My Pledge
  9. Neil Young - Glass Accident
  10. Neil Young - My New Robot

Public Reviews for Neil Young – Peace Trail From Itunes:

Long live Ben Keith

Without Ben Keith, Neil seems lost. He has no one to be his musical muse that he bounces his new ideas off of. Now that Ben's gone it appears he was Neil's B.S. regulator who let him know if a song didn't cut it. Usually its a drummer who does this job. Bill Berry did it in R.E.M. and look what happened... when he left, their output took a creative dive. When Stan Lynch got axed from Tom Petty's band, they never were able to repeat such greatness again. Same with Guns & Roses. Even though Steven Adler became an non functioning junkie, that band lost a lot of swagger and became more of a half-assed heavy metal band after his sacking.

So I am sad and distraught that Neil's music seems to be waning lately, but I can understand why.... he lost more than a great buddy and a blood brother with Ben.

Imagine how much better this release would've been with his pedal-steel crying over the top and Neil taking his creative juices to a higher plateau. LONG LIVE BEN KEITH'S MUSIC!!!!!!

Even Neil's half-hearted thrown together albums made when Keith was living around superior next to his latest releases. Hopefully, Young finds another musician who is a good B.S. detector real quickly. We all deserve another great Neil Young album before he passes away. Until then, "Prairie Wind" is his last classic album.

Hopefully, Neil can quickly find another musician who can "weed out" By johnny chatos

Peace Out Dude

saw him a while ago reunited with Crazy Horse. Age has been Young here... Rust may never slerep... hey hey hey, my my my... Just keep screwing up the dmocracy & Neil's Pledge will Show me The Peace Trail... Oh this one's as classic as his classics. Peace Out Dude. By ListenUp (~)\(~)

Still channelling the Muse

This album is solid and moving. I'm amazed that someone who has been making incredible music for so long still has this level of creativity. There are a couple of less than successful tunes in my opinion (Texas Rangers for example) but overall a timely and fantastic work. By Jorgechato


Glad to hear Neil putting something together that not only sounds great but has some unexpected direction to it. Best he's done since Praire to me. By Pitifulhumans


Have a lot of Neil Young albums and great respect for the man but this is just really bad. Bad writing,lyrics, vocals. The opener Peace Trail is ok but it's all down hill from there. KInd of record you listen to one time and then never play again. Sorry Neil sounds like you're just going through the motions here. By thisistheeggman


I thought the Monsanto album was awful but this is a bunch a really bad demos. Sounds like he didn't take any time to develop the songs. Weak lyrics and bad production. By JoeB32

One of the last remaining true artists

Title says it all.. It seems that almost every one of my favorite bands from the 90's/early 2000's and even before that who are still active today have been reduced to nothing but autotuned, unauthentic pop trash.. A lot of people like to say that it is nothing more than the band "maturing" or "evolving", but that all is a load of crap.. The millenial generation has it all wrong with what truly is "good" music, but Neil is the epitome of authenticity and great, timeless sound.. He is one of the last to stay true to the work that made him rise to fame and to continue to build upon the fantastic collection of art he has created for well over 40 years... Well done, Neil! By Arctic Monk3ys

Proud Not to Work on His Own Work

Yet another slapped together Neil Young LP, and more non-interview interviews in which he brags about not having spent much time writing, rehearsing or recording the record. Neil: it sounds like it. These are bad demos of bad songs that most artists would have been humiliated to see turn up on bootlegs, but Neil puts it out like some great Art. It ain't. I have no quarrel with his politics, but it pisses me off to no end that he writes such clumsy lyrics in support of his positions and then releases them without giving any thought to revising them so they don't sound like the ranting of a stoned candidate for sophomore class vice president. I love the idea of an artist trying on anything and everything; I don't understand the obsession with foisting it on their fans at $11 a pop. If it doesn't work, set it aside; don't use it to fulfill contractual obligations. I'll throw this unlistenable clunker on the slag heap with "Storytone," "Landing on Water," "This Note's For You," "Fork in The Road" and all the other Neil LPs that too often leave me feeling embarrassed for him. By The Bradleyss

Put the politics aside and enjoy the music!

NY has been at or near the top of my list of favorite artists ever since way back in the 60's when I first heard Mr. Soul. Over all this time for fans, casual listeners or critics his product has been "interesting" to say the least. Everyone has favorite periods, but even in the less than favorite period a gem was guaranteed to come along to keep your interest.. As a long time fan I certainly recognize a real creative spark for Mr. Young during the past few years. I think PTOR woke him up in some ways. And I also think this more acoustic than not album shows some of his most interesting writing in a long time. I am so thankful that there are are handful of artists out there who are worthy of continued followship, and Neil Young definately is one of them. By clancydubh


This is Neil at his penultimate best. As a whole, the album is lyrically strong and thematically fluent. It's one of Neil's more politically aimed albums in recent memory as well as kind to the ears. It perhaps lacks any sort of a hit to keep in a constant rotation but is tied together well with lyrics easy to comprehend and often possessing Dylanlike passages.

Musically, the album is surrounded with talent that blends itself well with his message and tone. Individually, Neil plays some of his raunchiest progressions since Psychedelic Pill.

Overall, it's an album with a statement presented well enough to keep you thinking long after it has played it's course while still being fun to listen to in the process. Peace Trails is delivered with a relaxed yet still very intense energy. Had it claimed a rare Neil Young single to drive it on home, I would have at least considered it for a heralded 5 star. By HaniaSP





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